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BET Founder: ‘This Country Would Never Tolerate White Unemployment at 14 or 15 Percent’
Entertainment Television (BET) founder Bob Johnson said Tuesday that the nation would “never tolerate white unemployment at 14 or 15 percent” and yet unemployment for the black community has been double that of white Americans for over 50 years.

“Somebody’s going to have to pay for them. Somebody’s going to have to take care of them, and if somebody’s going to have to take care of them, that money’s got to come from somebody. And whoever’s paying for it is going to be upset about it, and they’re going to start looking for somebody to blame,” Johnson said.

But hey, why bother to get a job when "somebody's going to have to pay and take care of them"?. Better yet, why get a job when you can get your very own Obama-phone?

Beverly Hall, 34 others indicted in Atlanta schools cheating scandal
Capping a series of investigations that spanned four years, a Fulton County grand jury indicted Hall and 34 others on charges that they conspired to cheat on federally mandated standardized tests from at least 2005 to 2010.

Ex-KSU employee charged with conspiracy to defraud state
Gerald Donaldson, former executive director of environmental health and safety at KSU, was allegedly part of a crime ring that created “shell companies” to conduct fraud of almost $1 million, including within the unit he managed, the university said in a press release.

3 arrested in Milton teen’s killing
They followed Walker to Silhouette Court after spotting his necklace, Milton police Sgt. Jason Griffin said. It was still light outside when Walker was shot, once in the head — a “random and brazen” crime unlike any seen in the seven years since Milton’s incorporation, Griffin said. These punks shot a man dead over a $70 necklace. Nice "job", fellas!

There's not high unemployment in the black community. Unfortunately, the "job" that alot of them elect to do isn't exactly legal or on the books. Meanwhile, "BET" network segregates itself from the rest of the networks based soley on the color of skin.

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