Al Gore sells Current TV to Al Jazeera - Inline with his personal Ideology

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The Blaze's Glenn Beck recently made a Bid to buy Former Vice President AL Gore's Current TV and was rebuffed with Executives and Gore saying
that Beck's Ideology was not suited to Current TV and his Philosophy is just wrong for us.

Apparently, however Al Qaeda's mouthpiece Al Jazeera was more in-line with their Philosophy. They bought it for $500 Million dollars

Some other fun facts...

In apparent proof to the saying "Socialism is for the People... not the Socialist.

Al Gore the defender of the Environment, hater of Fossil Fuels and believer of the Rich paying their Fair Share...
sold Current TV to Qatar-financed Al Jazeera one of the largest exporters of Crude Oil, and made a cool $100 Million dollars. for the effort.

Al Gore also tried to get the deal close BEFORE Jan 1st so he would not have to pay the new Obama Taxes.

So much for his version of Fair Share.

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