Hobby Lobby gives obama the middle finger

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Joe Kawfi
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This country needs more poeple like the folks that run Hobby Lobby to tell obama and his minions to go screw themselves. We need to vote the girly-men like Boehner out of office once and for good. Obama is destroying this country. He does not care about America or Americans, he only cares about staying in power. He has no idea how to lead.

The obama tax increase that working people were just handed is just the beginning . He is going to raise the federal income tax on the middle class so that he can buy the votes of the moochers in society. It's way past time to say enough is enough. We need more civil disobedience- just tell obama to eff himself

Hobby Lobby to defy Obamacare

"Hobby Lobby may very well re-kindle civil disobedience in a way that would inspire the participation of millions, of which, if to see fruition ... could serve as the new shot heard 'round the world — a sound the world so desperately needs to hear."

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