Bradshaw Right: PTC Financial Planning is Dysfunctional

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Bradshaw Right: PTC is Dysfunctional

When I first noticed the latest Scott Bradshaw Editorial and the 24-red-alert-official-response from Peachtree City Admin, I put them aside. After all, I knew what to expect. Mr. Bradshaw has proven his integrity with his prior service on the Development Authority and with his past public opinions. I hope he runs for PTC Council this fall. So I knew that what he said was likely reliable. Likewise with the City Hall response, I knew it would be a misleading piece declaring our love of life and repeating typical “we do the best we can” clichés. Admidst the multiple stories of sexual misconduct by numerous elected and appointed officials, including department heads in PTC, I decided to give it a rest.

Finally having the time this weekend to read both pieces, I was shocked at what I read.

Mr. Bradshaw was absolutely right when he said: “ The PTC Council is considering a proposal to double the stormwater fees. . . and borrow upward of $7 million to continue feeding the beast.” Labeling the PTC Stormwater Utility as a “separate kingdom” Mr.Bradshaw correctly concludes (in succinct fashion) that “it is difficult for political leaders to get a handle on long-term debt for infrastructure and capital expenditures.”

Restated: PTC has not handled long-term water and sewer issues with any acumen at all. The latest article on Mayoral candidate Fleisch’s concern about maintenance has nothing to do with vital infrastructure but with recreation fields and subdivision entrances. Oh, well.

The shocking aspect was the official response by PTC found in Ms. Tyler’s “Additional Info”. In it she admits that when the City planned the Stormwater Utility 2005, they estimated that it would cost “$9 million” to fix all of the issues in order to comply the mandates of the Federal Clean Water Act. And yet the City only borrowed that “$3.6 million”. Is it as shocking to everyone else that the City has essentially admitted refusing to do what they are required to by law? After hundreds of thousands of dollars and years of engineering studies and legal opinions, the City has simply ignored its duties and now faces the necessity of doubling your Stormwater fees.

Most PTC Citizens won’t notice and won’t care and that would appear to include at least one member of council.

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Isn't this how government

Isn't this how government does us most of the time? They know of a problem for years but yet all they do is kick the can down the road. Then the problem becomes unmanageable. Kind of like Social Security at the federal level. That scientist Dennis Chase said that those of us who live in the county should go on strike and not pay the stormwater fee. I don't know if we got a bill yet or not but I'm starting to give that serious thought.

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New Year's Resolution---- to challenge government

New Year's Resolution---- to challenge government in all it does. So much of what government bureaucrats and elected officials get away with is because we let them. I work at the local level and I plan on speaking up more. I plan on supporting people like Scott Bradshaw who are willing to stick their necks out and speak the truth. They're doubling the stormwater tax with no explanations? Why? That's wrong. And the vast number of people doing outrageous things on government time has to stop. I for one am going to call people out when I can and support those like Bradshaw.

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I like your New Year's Resolution!

Robert W. Morgan
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Plans not dysfunctional; clueless politicians are

Plans are like guns - they don't kill people by themselves, but put into the hands of someone with bad intentions or the inability to think clearly - bad things can happen and people can be killed.

So, this stormwater tax is most likely an illegal tax and I doubt the city can do much to force collection other than attach a lien to your property which only becomes an issue if you sell or refinance. I think not paying it and forcing the planners and politicians to come out of cover and openly address the issue of infrastructure repairs as part of the regular budget. If nothing else, everyone will be astounded how little we have done in the past (since the developer stopped doing it for us) and how expensive it is to maintain a city like this. The fools that say we don't need to raise taxes are so far off-base that they can immediately be ignored. I suggest you look at what Steve Rapson proposes as he takes on Fayette County's problems and try to imitate his actions. It would also help if citizens would get a bit more involved in our government and force the leaders to actually address issues like infrastructure repair openly and be honest about the costs instead of playing a shell game with this stupid stormwater tax.

It is really very simple - we have a lot of things in PTC that are very nice but expensive to maintain. Other cities that don't have those things may have lower taxes. Foolishly, we let residents from those other cities come in here and use our stuff without charging them. Bottom line - it costs more to live here that it does elsewhere. Accept that, pay the higher taxes or move away.

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RWM Has Some Excellent Points

Citizens getting involved in our government (local and national) is the key to a whole lot of our problems. Our public officials get very comfortable with complacency very quickly.

Our own county commission is a great example. Through many administrations our public officials were doing exactly what they wanted with our property and tax money. Then some very disgruntled voters took matters in their own hands and fired ten of our long standing public officials and employees. Now, those politicians are disgruntled. Some have even threatened to make us sorry for putting them out of office.

If we don't publicly let the politicians know what we think, they think we don't care. Therefore, they won't care.

I greatly urge all Fayette citizens who are against the stormwater fee to come to tonight's swearing-in for our new commissioners at 6:30 pm. Those of us who care should make a Public Comment at tonight's commission meeting and personally meet the commissioners. Tell them what you think at 6:30 pm tonight. Don't stop there. Continually attend the commission meetings and make Public Comments at those meetings and in the newspapers.

Don't stop there! If and when a citizens' advisory committee is formed (and it looks like there will be) concerning the stormwater fee issue, volunteer to serve on that committee.

Thanks so much, Robert, for making some good points.

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