McMillian Rewards Voters

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Congratulations Fayette Voters. You did as you always do; walk into the voting booth and punched incumbent, without ever paying attention to who you’re electing.

You elected Carla Wong McMillian for Fayette State Court Judge who was given to you by the Governor's lawyer Committee only 1 ½ years ago. Shortly after you elected her, Carla rewards you by applying for a GA Court of Appeals vacancy. If she gets the job, then the Governor’s committee will give Fayette another one of their lackeys, nullifying your vote once again.

It wasn’t like you weren’t warned with many articles about Carla on the Citizens Web and Newspaper. You were told about how Carla was receiving records amount of money from lawyers in Atlanta and many other States to buy your State Judge. You were told about the unfair trials Carla held, about how she allowed an unlicensed Septic Co to operate in Fayette scamming unsuspecting citizens, even after they were convicted in criminal court. And how Carla allowed the criminal defendant to plead nolo-contendere, so they couldn’t be sued in civil court.

If you had bothered to pay attention you would have read where Carla only fined the criminal $67.50, while fining numerous elderly Fayette women $500 when their dog accidentally got out of their yard.

Carla used you as a stepping stone to higher judicial office. If she gets appointed to the Appeals Court, you will then not get to select your next State Judge again.

Well let’s hope that they select her for Appeals Judge, then those of us who did pay attention will be rid of Carla Wong McMillian. Otherwise we’ve got her for 4 more years while she continues to destroy our confidence in the judiciary. Just another nail in the coffin of democracy.

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