The hatred of election results

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Whether it is a change in the Mayor's job in PTC or a change in the President's job in DC, there are those large groups who immediately begin to complain about the newcomers.

Right now also many are wanting to defeat all congressmen running in the next election! A stupid thought!
It doesn't matter who wins at that time----the growling will start by 30-40% of the population (many who don't even vote).
That is why we have a system where the majority wins elections (except Gore) and can serve their term unless convicted of felonies.
Those who gripe immediately before much of anything has been accomplished by the new dudes and dudesses think that will influence others to vote the way they gripe! It never does.
It gets more vicious every election. People are rumored to have babies by other races illegitimately, have loose ladies in the White House; only voted the way they did due to donations (of course); are destroying our very fabric of existence; is the false prophet' isn't religious enough; hardly ever goes to Sunday church; is stupid with his Princeton and Harvard degrees and organizational abilities; hires only people off the streets of Detroit for the government; then there is the California mafia, the Chicago gangsters; the northeastern egg heads, and of course none of them are for the "people."

Dictators are what we need and that way we can just join in with their crowd and kill off everyone else who disagrees too much. Elections are dangerous.

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