Distracting blame

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My radio was on to a Mr. Boortz on Atlanta radio today and he stated that President Obama was doing all in his power to ruin our economy so that he could introduce socialism to solve the problem Obama created!

Now, President Obama has helped Bush implement Bush, Cheney and Paulson's giveaway, and has worked hard for a health plan that might work instead of becoming unaffordable, but to try and distract the blame for our current economy from Bush and company to Obama in a one-year period is obviously just preaching to the choir in order to sell more ads and make him more money.'He isn't ignorant enough to not know better!
He obviously is the darling of the Tea people and Libertarians. All other countries would call what he does as rabble-rousing!

If we don't want to recognize what caused our Great Recession, then it will take a long time to solve it.

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