On Tuesday be sure to check your vote-Electronic Voting Machines not calibrated...

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S. Lindsey
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It appears that many of these Voting Machines have an issue (shocker) with the touch screen.

Many reports are coming out about people trying to vote for Romney and Obama's box get's checked.
Apparently the "calibration" of the touch screen is a little off.. If you do not touch the exact center of the box the vote automatically
is registered for the "other" candidate. No reports have come forth of the opposite happening. It seems to be just a Romney issue.

Does anyone really believe that in this, the most important Election we have had in decades, this issue is just a coincidence?

Votes for Romney changed to Obama-Vendor says issue with Calibration

"Spokesman for Dominion Chris Riggall told TheBlaze that many of the machines in the field — which he says are “legacy machines” not manufactured by Dominion but by companies that Dominion now owns — are up to 10 years old.

“They have been in the field many years and through many election cycles,” Riggall said. “It is certainly possible [for them to get] out of calibration.”"

"My Fox 8 reported that in Guilford County, some casting early ballots found that when they voted for Republican candidate Mitt Romney, the machine appeared to change it to the Democrat candidate Barack Obama."

This is being reported in North Carolina and Ohio...Others I am sure to follow.

Joe Kawfi
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Are you surprised? The 'affirmative action', food-stamp, welfare check, "president" can't win on his own. He will have to steal the election by cheating.

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