Generosity Unexpected

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I just wanted to say thank you for a recent generous act. As everyone knows, its Girl Scout Cookie time and our community always supports our Scouts in a huge way. However, a most unusual and really special act happend on March 6 at our Kedron Kroger. A gentleman walked up to our Girl Scout Cookie booth and asked to purchase 20 boxes of cookies. He asked our two young ladies what their favorite cookies were and then said he had a different request. He handed both Scouts two boxes of their favorites and said "these are for you, and I want you to give the remaining of the boxes each to a child as they come by." We proceeded to give out an additional 16 boxes of cookies to the next children that came by. It was interesting to see folks surprised by the generosity and in retelling the story of how it happened. The generous donor stopped by in his Red 350Z convertible on his way out to check on us and view our progress. I wanted to let him know he made several children and families very happy and that we really appreciate his support and the valuable lesson in generosity he shared with our girls. Thank you very much! You made my month! With gratitude from Troop 19079 and my personal thanks, Steve Lawrence