Obama Campaign Sues in Bid to Suppress Military Vote

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This 'president' will stop at nothing to oppress people and their efforts to vote if they are voting against him. He's despicable.

Obama’s Military Voter Suppression Campaign
The Obama administration appears to be violating the civil rights of nearly 200,000 U.S. soldiers around the world by deliberately disenfranchising them. These are the same servicemen and servicewomen who may have to put their lives on the line at some point to respond to the attacks on the U.S. diplomatic missions in Egypt and Libya yesterday.

Obama Campaign Sues in Bid to Suppress Military Vote
In a move that could have an impact on the final result of the presidential election, Barack Obama’s campaign has sued Ohio to block a measure which extends early voting for members of the military..

Democrats Versus Military Voters: Not the First Time
It would not be the first time Democrats--who pretend, in their fight against voter ID, to want more ballot access--have tried to stop the military's votes from counting.