Unemployment Insurance from Washington

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Some unemployed people will have been without a job for over two years with this latest vote in Washington to extend their weekly payments.
Two things about this are worth considering.
What would these millions of workers be doing to survive if this sustenance money weren't available?
And, why doesn't the states have sufficient reserves or consider charging more from employers to pay their own way with this unemployment compensation?

Is it because, say Georgia, refuses to tax employers enough or do they want money from Washington---which they say they detest! ..I hope they realize that money is being charged into the loans the federals have from public debt (us, Japan, China, primarily).
Why states like Georgia would set up their constitution so that they can not borrow money for emergencies, but are perfectly willing to take it from DC, is beyond my logic.

This is just another item of truth that indicates that such groups as the Tea Partiers and the ultra conservatives are hypocrites!
You can bet that Georgia also wont raise money to build their own water supplies for the future or do anything about pollution either!

They will complain however about Washington doing it!

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