Waste at FCBOE - New Furniture

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It is a slap in the face of teachers to see the money being spent on new furniture at the FCBOE office. Are the administrators so separated from the budget realities that they find this acceptable? Apart from teachers' salaries, benefits and supplies, some schools are struggling to find money for basics like toilet paper. The attitude at FCBOE seems to be "Let them eat cake!"

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Desks or toilet paper?

Well you see, stupid budgets are sometimes written such that money allocated can only be spent for a specific item!
If desks were there only for the purchase of desks then desks it is!

They could of course just not buy the desks or toilet paper! But then the money is lost forever to them. Make sense?

I'm afraid toilet paper is like making candy available in the stockroom for withdrawal and much of it goes home or is eaten.

If one steals a roll every time they use the bathroom, then it may take 25-30 rolls a day to do!
Just a thought---I have no proof and like the administrators and teachers aren't about to find out!
Again the students who don't steal it (or teachers) are the ones who have to use corn cobs (maybe some bring paper in their purse if Momma is watching).
Isn't this ridiculous? People don't want to hear about it.

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