Money spent is education?

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Somehow states and communities are judged on how well they educate the children by the quantity of dollars they spend per pupil.
Sheer madness! Who thought that up?
It appears that the state regulations--county superintendent--school boards, type of schools has failed. Kids are educated more poorly every year.
The curriculums are laughable. Teach to the tests doesn't educate them.
Certainly changing the test answers to get a raise isn't the answer.

Also, college, the bachelor degree part, just catches some up to a good high school education.
Bought degrees are also very poplar.

We must get back to teachers who teach as a profession and not as a living, and sorted out every year as to competence.
Administrative supervisors are terribly overpaid for doing what a dedicated person would do for much less.

We don't "sort" either. I know that is a dirty word, but it must happen. Tutoring first--if it doesn't work, send to welding school at 16...

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