Do you have a Smart Meter on your home or apartment?

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What is a Smart Meter? Get the facts from two other sources

There are a couple of You Tube videos that I encourage you to watch that you will enjoy:

The first one, about 4½ minutes long, is narrated by Gerry Day and is a good natured look at some of the chilling facts about smart meters:

The second one is about 32 minutes in length and is presented by Rob States, an Electrical Engineer in California who has the experience and expertise to clearly explain how smart meters will impact your health:
I have been informed that my family does not have a "smart meter" on our home. I understand you have two types of meters; the older version we all grew up with, the analog version had the numbers rolling on a dial in accordance to consumption which was read monthly by the energy company meter reader. The new version is the smart meter. A digital version requiring no monthly meter reader.


My family is looking to rent an apartment. We visited an apartment complex recently and specifically asked for a unit which did not have the wall of meters attached. The agent had no idea what we were talking about. These units are approx 10 yrs old and to our surprise still had the analog meters. So renting from that complex will not be a health concern for us.

I encourage you to Get Smart and research all you can about Smart Meters.

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