Moo-chelle speaks to segregationists

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Joe Kawfi
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Moo-chelle Obama decried segregation, while addressing a crowd of segregationists. (Congressional Black Caucus) What else do you call a group that separates themselves out from the rest of congress based on the color of their skin?

"our journey is far, far from finished"

To end segregation, we needed the Supreme Court to overturn the lie of "separate but equal."

What a bunch of hypocrites. They decry segregation, yet segregate themselves based on color. Whitey is not allowed.

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You didn't build that.. MC'Bama

Here's a little humor for those that are "wired" right-of-center. Enjoy

I will be glad when this attack on capital is over.

S. Lindsey
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As long as this bunch is in power...

... Capitalism will be under threat.

Obama: ‘We Got Back Every Dime’ of Bailout; CBO: Bailout Will Lose $24 Billion

Davids mom
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Mr. Joe Kawfi

What else do you call a group that separates themselves out from the rest of congress based on the color of their skin?

caucus: a closed meeting of a group of persons belonging to the same political party or faction usually to select candidates or to decide on policy;

Answer to your question: After Reconstruction and the institution of Jim Crow laws, the White Male Only Caucus. Then later as a more representative leadership arrived in our Congress, the Hispanic Caucus, - then came the 'gender' issues and lo and behold, we have a Womens Caucus. There are many, many caucuses in our local and federal government bodies.

Of course there is the political party caucus. The Black Caucus has never been for segregation - but for implementing those policies that would put an end to segregation in this country.
You, Kawfi, would not be allowed in a number off caucuses in any government situation because you have made it quite clear that you do not belong to a faction that believes that persons of a diverse background can peacefully exist in an environment that gives everyone equal opportunity. Separate but equal was a lie - and most Americans today agree with that. Your constant disrespect of the first family of the US (Moo-chelle?)- and constant referral to African-Americans as 'they' is not representative of the majority of Americans in this country or this county. Before coming here, I would have believed that most southerners, regardless of their political leanings felt like the words you have consistently expressed here. I'm grateful that after several years - my previous beliefs have been proven wrong. Most conservative 'white males' have sound reasons for their beliefs of fiscal conservatism and balanced budgets. Most conservative 'white males' are not so insecure as to fear honest competition from qualified persons of a different gender, color, or religion.

You, sir, are not like most 'white males' in this country. What you seem to not realize is that there are 'persons of color' who are also fiscal conservatives/small business owners right here in Fayette County - who except for your 'racial overtones' agree with some of your other stands. You have been insulting to them also, (men and women)

Joe Kawfi
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White Male Only Caucus

Here's a link to theWhite Male Only Caucus.

No such organization. It is only a fantasy made up by deranged, self-loathing, malevolent strumpets that are in manic depressive mode as they watch helplessly as Obama's candidacy implodes right before their eyes.

The Black Congressional Caucus is made up of segregationists that feel that they are superior to other races and think that they must separate themselves from the rest of the congress based on the color of their skin.
Dr. King would feel ashamed for these people.

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The View Ladies, Whoopi, Joy and Sherry piously attack Palin

foe using the term "shuckin and jivin" as racist. I have heard this term all my life and never once did it refer to anyone or anything racist. Usually it was used for someone trying to talk themselves around or out of a situation and had nothing to do with color.
While I enjoy Whoopi's comedic abilities I found it a little much to hear her piously state that this was a racist comment. I remember when Whoopi dressed her then boyfriend Ted Danson in black-face and helped him write his racist dialogue for a roast. This little act went over like a lead balloon and seemed to end the relationship-----. Is Whoopi's memory that much shorter than mine that she does not remember this or is this once again that double standard - Okay for me to say or do it but not you?

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All due respect MTM, but what in the world do you expect from those old hens? You'd get more objective and useful information watching Honey Boo Boo (even though that annoying little brat endorsed Barry). That was probably a bigger coup for Barry than Colin Powell. He already has the black vote, but now he's positioned in schoolroom elections for the loud, fat, annoying white kid votes.

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