Apologist for the Islamo Fascist

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S. Lindsey
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The problem with our left bent neighbors is much like how they treat their little rug rats, Criminals and others it not their fault. It is Society, or the Rich, or a Government that doesn't do enough or give enough things.

It is always someone else's fault. Supposedly a Youtube Video sparked this outrage? I would bet anything you want that 90% of these terrorist wannabes have never seen it and it was not just a coincidence it started on 9/11.

People like Gort, Sniffle, JeffC, DM and others have told us over and over it us, that we caused this... Sorry I disagree. These people live in a World where their Religion runs their entire life. A land where they pervert Islam to mean something not quiet what it seems. A Religion that teaches the believers they have to convert non-believers by force, fines or death.

The followers that go berserk and want to kill anyone who THEY feel "Hurt their Feelings" by insulting (as they see it) their Prophet Mohammad.

You can't "win their hearts and minds" it won't work and never will. They are raised and controlled by the Mullah's to be the Radical Islamo Fascist we see burning buildings and beheading Americans. We can't stop them. We can't influence them. They hate us fundamentally for everything we are.

They hate our women for parading around uncovered tempting men..
They hate our women for daring to speak out against a man.
They hate our women for pretending to be equal to men...
They hate our women for wishing to be educated..

They hate our Freedom of choice of Religion or the lack there of...
They hate our Freedom of choice of entertainment..
They hate our Freedom of Choice of Friends.. Israel.

You cannot negotiate with these people.
You cannot have a dialog with these people.
You cannot live with these people.

As I see it we have three choices.

1. Submit-Convert to Islam try to negotiate a modern version of the faith and hope we get to see State approved Movies sometime in the future and State approved travel will someday be allowed.

2. Isolate-Close our borders and not allow any Muslim in the Country pull all assets back and allow the Islamo Fascist to take the rest of Europe.

3. Fight-Take the fight to them on their soil...Not necessarily by force of arms but if they strike out at us and our interest we hit back twice as hard then back off. Teach them if you hurt us we will utterly destroy you.

This is the only thing they understand. This piling cash on them, bowing to them, apologizing to them has failed and will continue to do so. This Administration has failed to understand that basic fact and as such once again that failure by an Administration has caused the Middle East to erupt.
The First time caused a Hostage Crisis. The Second time caused an attack on our soil. What does this Third time entail I don't know, but I do know it's not over....Not over by a long shot.