Please someone show me where in the Constitution I can find “Freedom FROM Religion”?

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S. Lindsey
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As Ronald Reagan once said it… “Well there you go again”. Those wacky fun filled folks over at the FFR is at it again.. Those crazy guys and their lawsuits and all that don’t like those pesky prayers for player’s safety at football games. Might make someone uncomfortable or something. They also don’t like crosses in Cemeteries, or Crosses on World War One memorials or Crosses at Ground Zero either. I never knew Crosses where so evil. Who would a thunk it?

On a more serious note I do find it comical that the voices for tolerance come from the most intolerant.

One of the things the FFR group claims Christians do is try to force their views on everyone else. Isn’t that exactly what they are doing however, forcing their views on everyone by suing this Community, City or business just because they don’t like the symbols?

If, as the FFR wants us to believe, the Constitution is a “Godless” Constitution, then one must be able to find that wording that says a person is free from religion somewhere right? I mean I can find wording that means you have freedom OF religion just not FROM it.

Now don't get me wrong.. the FFR crowd has some powerful friends. The DNC recently decided to remove GOD and Jerusalem from their platform but under pressure added them back in. During the procedural vote the floor delegates BOOED. Now who Boos God?

So the question begs to be asked is why? Why do they fear any reference to God or the Cross? Why, if as they believe, Christians just believe in fairytales and are to be ignored at best do they care? Why does a Cross on a grave “offend” them? My guess is it probably really doesn’t. It most likely is that deep down they fear themselves. They fear they are wrong on some small level and they have to “force” everyone to agree with them so they can feel justified in their “beliefs”.

Whatever it is I can tell you one thing. They are becoming tiresome and a little shrill. People from Alabama to Pennsylvania are starting to fight back. Cities and Towns are just not caving in like they used to and the Politicians that do, the Citizens are voting them out.

Atheist only make up somewhere from 12% to15% of the population of America and about 2%-5% of the World. So why do they seem to be the loudest most vocal group that somehow through threats and intimidation always get their way? I don’t know, but I do know we outnumber them. So as they push the boundaries further and further out we are starting to stand our ground.

When you outnumber the enemy by 10 to 1… well let’s just say a butt whooping is pretty much assured.

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