"We've Heard It All Before"

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Joe Kawfi
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Great commercial showing how Obama is promising the same record of failure that he promised in 2008.
"We've Heard It All Before"

Obama is trotting out the same empty promises and rhetoric that he spouted to the mindless masses in 2008. More worthless lies from the liar and divider in chief.

Obama brings nothing but despair, division, class warfare, racism, and hate to America.

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This is just hilarious...

From the Chicago School Teacher Union website:

Mayor Rahm Emanuel has tried to bully the Chicago Teachers Union and its leader Karen Lewis.

Emanuel has the support of the Wall Street hedge fund managers organization, somewhat absurdly called Democrats for Education Reform. He also has the other big-monied people in Chicago, as mentioned in this article in the Chicago Tribune, including billionaire Penny Pritzker.

Damn, those evil hedge fund managers and big-money people are at it again. What's poor old Rahm Emanuel going to do??????