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Everything has always been here. Much has been altered and mixed by man but if it had not been here all along that couldn't have happened!
Examples as pointed out by New York Times reporting--gathered by researchers:
1. How big a national debt can we stand? A lot of people are sure we are already bankrupt. 1952
2. Partisanship and patriotism---each party may properly be eager to show itself the more patriotic...1918
3. The siege of Kandahar, Afghanistan...no effective work yet done by the Afghans... 1980
4. Tea Party fighting new taxes..unwanted waste...1935
5.Iran says she has no intentions to develop muclear weapons...1974
6. Sharp cut in burning of fossil fuels is urged to battle shift in climate.. 1988
7. Health care bill held up over fear of loss of jobs.. 1971
8. Democrats divided on health care bill...1964 (when demos were republicans and vice-versa)
9. Inquiry into high bank salaries pressed by the government..1933
10.Geese crash into airliner...1961

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