"We tried our plan and it worked".

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Joe Kawfi
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Barrack Hussein Obama, 7/25/2012: "We tried our plan and it worked".

The results:
- 23 million unemployed
- 43 straight months of 8+% unemployment
- 45 million on food stamps
- Black poverty at record highs
- The middle class has lost 40% of its net worth under Obama
- Black youth unemployment over 50%
- Hispanic unemployment at 11.3%
- Food prices up 15% under Obama
- Gas prices doubled under Obama
- Obama has the worst job creation record since 1945 (BLS)
- Obama recovery the worst in 75 years
- Median household income $4,300 declines under Obama
- Average family health insurance up $1,500 under Obama
- Added $6 trillion to our debt...more than all Prezs. Combined
- Presided over only US credit downgrade

If it worked, how come so many Americans are hurting?

Vote Obama the incompetent imbecile out in Nov.

S. Lindsey
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Timothy Geithner to Paul Ryan

"We don't have a definitive solution... We just don't like yours…"

And that says all there needs to be said...