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Over three months ago, while driving toward the Fayetteville square from PTC, I noticed a 5-6 foot long tree branch / log (probably 7 inches thick) laying on the left side of the road up against the median. It was directly across from the Bank of Georgia right where 54 starts heading down the hill approaching Frank's Olde Mill Restaurant down on the left. A couple days later, I noticed it again. Then the next... Well, over three months later now, it is still there.

At around the same time, several months ago, heading the opposite direction (out of the square toward PTC) as you start down the hill approaching Frank's down on the right, I noticed an L shaped piece of ugly white drywall or decking material sitting in the median just across from the Crystal Lake subdivision entrance. This piece of ugly debris has also been there now for at least three months.

These two ugly landmarks are sitting just outside of our great city square for thousands of Fayette visitors and residents to see every day. I have no idea how long these to pieces of huge road trash laid there before I noticed them, but I have passed them every day for over three months. If I had a truck I would get them myself, but I would have to endanger myself and others.

I don't know whose job it is to quickly and safely (or even eventually) haul debris out of the road that falls off of tree-service and contractor pickup trucks, but please, whoever it is, could you please pick these things up? I know you are busy. I'm sure you work hard, but PLEASE... three months!? Can some city official please call whoever is responsible for this and get it done if they are still there next week? Thank you.

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