Amazing Story a must read.... Man arrested, sentenced to 30 days and $1,500.00 fines for storing WATER

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S. Lindsey
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A Oregon man was recently arrested, convicted and given a 30 day jail sentenced and over $1,500.00 in fines for storing....
wait for it..... RAINWATER... on his own property. Apparently in Oregon all water belongs to.. you guessed it.. THE STATE.

Apparently storing rainwater and snow melt on your own property for your personal use is against Oregon's law.
If you need a better example of Socialism gone wild you could not find it. This law was enacted in 1925 by a Progressive Governor
and Legislature to "help" all people have access to "Public" resources and the personal use by storing or blocking
a State resource is therefore illegal.

So rain falling from the sky belongs to the State and you may not hinder or impede it's free flow off your property.

Welcome to our FUTURE.

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