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WSB TV’s News Anchor Monica Pearson to retire July 1. Quoting AJC Reporter Jill Vejnoska. “The public goodbyes are on par with George Washington’s farewell address to his troops after America’s victory over England in the Revolutionary War. Try picturing Mt. Rushmore without Washington or Lincoln’s face on it”. That’s how bad it will be without Monica bringing us the news. Farewell fever gripped the nation from Atlanta to Washington DC as June 6, 2012 was proclaimed “Monica Pearson Day” A National Holiday that will live in infamy. “Goodbye emails stacked 3 inches high on her desk” Can you imagine 3 inches high! “NO one like her ever” Not Washington, Lincoln, MLK, Franklin, FDR, no one.

I can just picture the future. Peachtree Street will be changed to Pearson Place. Statues will be erected. People will name their daughters Monica for centuries to come. History books will teach the children about the greatness of Monica.

Reality of Monica’s retirement filled WSB TV’s newsroom recently as John Pearson, Monica’s 4th husband helped carry home the voluminous “Mementos and artifacts of Monica’s tenure. Some of which will obviously be donated to the Library of congress for future historical research.

I’m not kidding, read AJC Sunday 7-22-12 Sect E Living and Arts. Valley Forge was nothing compared to our loss of Monica. Reporter Vejnoska will certainly receive a Nobel Prize in Journalism.

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