Obama and the "Borg" have a lot in common

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In a speech in Roanoke Virginia this weekend our President gave the most impassioned, heart felt, poignant Communist speech I have ever heard.
He told everyone in America who has worked hard, often from very meager beginnings who mortgaged their Homes to the hilt, begged and borrowed
enough money to start a Business that you really didn't do it.

It was done by the Collective.

You may have worked those long hours, suffered through missed family events, paid the soul damaging taxes but you didn't do it by yourself.

It was the Collective.

You may have taken that idea, nurtured it, pushed it, sold it to your family first then neighbors and finally the public at large, but you didn't come up with it.

It was the Collective.

You see like the "Borg" of Star Trek fame resistance is futile when it comes to being successful on your own merits, because you didn't do it.. The Collective did it and you just benefited from the Collectives work. All that has gone before was to lay the foundation for your success. So you owe someone else. It doesn't matter that you have paid the taxes, worked the hours, forgo personal and family obligations all for a future you hope would come true.. and you made it... or did you?

"President Obama said in a speech this weekend that governments and not individuals create jobs, telling entrepreneurs: 'If you've got a business - you didn't build that. Somebody else made that happen.'
He added: 'You didn't get there on your own. I'm always struck by people who think, well, it must be because I was just so smart.'

Remember when the President said this:
" Because our individual salvation depends on collective salvation. "

Our President believes in the Collective. Collective Salvation is just the way it is accomplished. we must all join HIM in HIS vision or else we are all lost. No one, no individual achieves anything without the Collective. The Collective here is Government. Government as seen through the prism of the Communist dream. The Government is the Father, the Mentor and the family of us all.

One must remember that our President was raised by a Father who was a Communist, a Mother that was a Communist and a Grandmother although not an avowed Communist did go to the "Little Red Church" in Seattle that was well known for their pro-communist stance and philosophy.

So it's no small wonder that President Obama, like Elizabeth Warren a fan of Marxism, feels that you cannot succeed without the Collective/Government. Remember the "Life of Julia". Another prime example of The Collective Mentality.
"Collectivism is any philosophic, political, religious, economic, or social outlook that emphasizes the interdependence of every human being." This explains well the philosophic views of Obama.

America was founded on individualism not dependence. With 50% of Americans now with no Federal Tax Liability, more Americans on Disability then ever before and a record number of Americans on Food Stamps... the Collective is winning.

In November we will vote as individuals.. Will we emerge on the other side as the America that has shown the World what Freedom looks like... or will we emerge as just another third World Collective Society?

Is resistance futile?

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