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Being a judge is a big responsibility and requires a special type of person. No one likes going to court, but when you get there you want to have a good feeling about the judge. That he or she will do their best to give both sides a fair trial.

Given the problems Fayette County has had with some judges in the past, I’ve been to many election forums and other meetings this year, listening to or talking personally with the candidates as well as researching their backgrounds. I think that all the candidates have their own individual strengths. But there is one candidate that stands out most above all the others. That candidate is Stephen Ott running for Judge of State Court.

Mr. Ott is the kind of person that gives you the feeling that he is totally unbiased and will give both sides a fair trial. That he will listen to all the facts and evidence.

He gives a sense of maturity and has experience, having served as judge of Peachtree City for about 7 years. In addition Mr. Ott has been both a prosecutor and defense attorney giving him a unique insight into both sides of criminal cases. He is also respected by his peers who have elected him for two terms as President of Fayette County Bar Assoc. He is fiscally conservative, not wanting to waste taxpayers’ money.

Judges have a certain amount of discretion in their rulings. Mr. Ott does not abuse his discretion as some judges do or bully people in his court but treats everyone with respect.

I also like Mr. Ott because he is not politically connected. He has run his campaign going directly and individually to the people and has not sought money from outside sources.

Overall Stephen Ott is the best candidate to serve the citizens of Fayette County with dignity and honesty. Vote Ott for State Court Judge

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