Road to Ruin

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The same thing that is happening in Europe is happening in the U.S. I don’t know if the average voter understands the extent of our economic problems? Here’s an example that anyone who cares should be able to comprehend.

In Greece a small business seller of hospital equipment recently received an order from a hospital for a heart monitoring machine, but turned the order down. Why? Because in a normal business economy, they would get short term bank loan to buy the machine from their supplier. But the banks have stopped lending money or the interest rates are too high and other restrictions. The supplier won’t even give them 30 days to pay and demands all cash up front. Business is so bad the medical company has no cash. Even if the company could pay cash, they would have to pay huge sales taxes immediately and the hospitals can’t pay on time. The company can’t sell its products, has had to lay off employees and face bankruptcy as a result. Business is at standstill.

The same thing is happening in the U.S., regardless that Obama just said “business is fine” How do I know, because I rent to businesses, and they can’t pay their rent. Everyone of my tenants is having difficulties. One tenant can’t afford to buy his product anymore and is 3 months behind on the rent. Another just got turned down on a bank loan. Another is behind because his customers haven’t paid him. For one of these same European reasons all but two of my tenants are behind. As a result I’m now behind on my expenses. The courts don’t care. When I go to court as a last resort Judge Carla Wong McMillian rules against me. The Tyrone Council has taken away the uses for my buildings, so I can’t rent to any other businesses, my taxes, insurance and other expenses keep going up.

The only avenue left is to vote against all incumbents. I suggest that every voter do the same. Let’s at least get rid of the people in office who are causing the problems.