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I am noticing some small things while navigating this site. I know the kinks are still being worked out, so I am unsure if you want feedback yet or not.

For instance, my paragraphing and emoticons are not working. (Little things like that.)

I love the "recent comments" section, but once you click on one, you have to go back to the front page to find it again. It would work out great in the forum section.

Thanks for the hard work. By the way, does "Webmaster" have a name? Is that you or someone else?

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Cal Beverly
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Reply to your 'small things' feedback

Still working on some higher level issues, but paragraphing and emoticons are on the list.

Top of the list -- speed, speed, speed.

Recent comments -- couldn't agree more. It's a pain to have to navigate back to the front to find out what's next on the comment list. That's coming very soon.

Webmaster -- Nope it's not me. I could tell you the webmaster's name, but then I'd have to ... Well, you know the rest.

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Thanks Cal

And all hail the Master of the Web. (I'm guessing it's not Al Gore.)

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Small thing

Are the "blogs" and "opinions" links a path to the same place? Seems to be. Are there any differences between the two?

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