Where in the 3rd District is Mr. Westmoreland?

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For months I have stressed the importance of debates between political candidates. History is replete with examples of the public’s will hinging on debates. I suggested and challenged Mr. Westmoreland to debate 13 times, once in each of the 13 counties in the Third Congressional District.

I am happy to report that Mr. Westmoreland has accepted three debate appearances as of today, June 15. That is a good start, but it isn’t nearly enough with the July 31st election just over six weeks away.

The so far agreed upon debates will occur on July 2 in Newnan, July 3 in Barnesville, and July 22 on Georgia Public Broadcasting.

I congratulate Mr. Westmoreland for accepting those three debates; every voter has a right to hear their candidates debate the issues so important to our district and our country.

“Where in Fayette County is Mr. Westmoreland on a debate?” I have spent a countless number of days in Fayette County, and I assure you the congressional race is on the radar of a lot of residents. But still, there is no debate in Fayette County.

Mr. Westmoreland, you have represented Fayette County for 20 years. Congress has been unable to work on, or even bring to the floor for debate, let alone solve, runaway federal spending, energy policy, tax policy, the never ending war, and a vision for our future. A flagship debate in Fayette County would assure the citizens of their voice in the political process in Washington.

“Where in Carroll County is Mr. Westmoreland on a debate?” Carroll County is one of the three largest counties in our congressional district. This will be the first year that all of Carroll County’s citizens will be represented in the Third District.

Carrollton is home to one of Georgia’s finest universities and boasts vibrant agricultural interests. There are excellent facilities for a debate, and the citizens have burning questions about our national debt and why Congressional spending is out of control.

Finally, “Where in the smaller counties is Mr. Westmoreland on a debate?” Mr. Westmoreland, you have attended many fund-raisers in counties in our district. Let us give them all the debates they deserve in each community.

Our citizens are contacting civic organizations and independent groups asking them to sponsor the democratic process with debates in each county. It is not too late to schedule 11 more debates. With everyone’s voice included, we will have the debates to discuss Congress’ job performance as a whole, and the future of our great country.

The citizens of the Third District of Georgia have the right to know, “Where in the district is Mr. Westmoreland?” as well as each candidate. We should each have the opportunity to hear the vision each candidate has for our country in each community. The future of our nation is too important to do anything less. God bless America.

[Kent Kingsley is a Republican candidate for Congress in the Third Congressional District which includes Fayette and Coweta counties. He is a retired U.S. Army Infantry lieutenant colonel, owns a small real estate company in Lamar County and lives in Milner, between Griffin and Barnesville. He is an advocate for the Fair Tax, balanced budgets and federal term limits. His website is kingsleyforcongress.com.]