Who says Congress can't work together to get things done?

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The private school voucher initiative in the nation’s capital is a top priority of Boehner’s, and the agreement comes after the Speaker and Lieberman complained that President Obama’s decision to zero out funding for the program in his latest budget contradicted a law he signed in 2011. Boehner had successfully attached legislation extending and expanding the scholarships to a government funding accord last year.

Boehner announces deal to expand District school voucher plan

The school voucher program in DC was incredibly successful and what did Obama do under orders from the teachers union? He cut it out. Thus taking away the "fairness" and opportunity for the disadvantaged children in the hell hole that is DC. The very people he 'claims' to be fighting for. Or maybe he didn't want the kids from the projects rubbing elbows with his elitist children.

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