OTT Shines, McMillian Evades

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At the Fayette Tea Election Forum in Fayetteville, Candidate for State Judge Stephen Ott’s judicial experience and calm demeanor showed why he is most qualified to be Fayette Judge. OTT answered questions from the overflow audience giving examples of how he handles trials fairly to violations and saves the court money in the process. The crowd clapped loudly after Ott spoke.

OTT’s opponent Incumbent Judge Carla Wong McMillian tried to evade her questions. On Campaign Finance McMillian was asked “why over 90% of her campaign contributions came not from Fayette County but from lawyers in Atlanta and other States”. McMillian said that she had only few outside contributors who were mostly family members. But that was clearly not the truth, because her own campaign disclosures listed a huge majority of contributions coming from Atlanta lawyers and lawyers from other States.

Then McMillian contradicted her answer by pretending that these lawyers would not affect her Fayette rulings because none of these lawyers would be trying cases in Fayette. This was just one of the issues involving McMillian answers that was buzzing through the crowd after the forum.

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