Loose Lips sinks Ships... Has Obama's Titanic sprung a few new leaks?

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S. Lindsey
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This Administration has seen some pretty good scandals lately.. First it was the half Billion dollar "Green Loan" to now bankrupted Solynidra.
Then the Whitehouse coerced General Shelton to "embellish" his testimony for a huge Obama donor during hearings at the Pentagon for LightSquared..
The GSA scandal. Where Government employees using Taxpayer dollars lavished themselves with Parties, vacations and gifts.
Then came Fast and Furious. A program going all the way up to the Attorney General that involved running Guns into Mexico. Some of which have been used to kill hundreds
of Mexican Citizens and Border Patrol Officer Jamie Zapata.
The politicizing of the killing of Bin Laden. We now know that Hollywood producers had special access to the Situation room and Seal Team 6 Team Leader before
during and after the Operation. Those same Hollywood Producers has access to Top Secret Operational tactics and names. All for the making of the propaganda film for Obama before election.

Now comes "Leakgate" it has become apparent that certain high level members of the Obama Administration have been and are leaking very sensitive information
to the New York Times. Not only exposing tactics and sensitive intelligence information but endangering lives of our troops and yes Intelligence Operatives i.e. Spys.
These leaks are designed to make Obama look tough, decisive and a deep thinker...In other words to make him look good.

Is this the final link in the chain that just keeps piling up on the deck of Obama's Titanic? Well as an FBI agent once told me... Each link added adds weight to the chain and enough chain can sink a ship. So this ship is serious floundering is it enough? I guess time will tell.

Green Failure Solyndra

LightSquared a tale of Crony Capitalism

The Killing of Bin Laden a Propaganda file for Obama

Fast and Furious Holder playing fast and loose with America

The GSA having fun in the sun on your dime

National Security compromised to make President look good

The Citizen

S. Lindsey
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Joined: 12/31/2008
Despite denials US/Israel linked to Flame virus by LEAK

"The United States and Israel jointly developed a sophisticated computer virus nicknamed Flame that collected intelligence in preparation for cyber-sabotage aimed at slowing Iran’s ability to develop a nuclear weapon, according to Western officials with knowledge of the effort."

Leakgate continues

Another link in the chain...

Hey it's Wednesday I wonder who was put on the "Kill List" yesterday?

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