Real life Keystone cop saga... The Obama campaign.

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There is an old saying.. "Give someone enough rope and they will hang themselves.." Another one is "They can't get out of their own way".

Both is usually used when someone or something keeps screwing up and just can't get it quiet right.

Now enters the Obama campaign. This once polished super organized, researched and focused group messaged Community organizer in charge just keeps shooting themselves in the old proverbial foot...

First it was the so called "Dog" scandal of Romney and his supposed mistreatment of his family pet by putting the dog on the roof of his car while in his kennel. Oh this made the rounds about how uncaring Romney was... and then comes the revelation that Obama actually ate a dog. So what was worse?

Then came the story on Romney and Bane Capital and the laid off steel mill workers... Oh the horrors it. A evil investment Corporation stealing the lives from people not caring for the little guy all for the pursuit of a dollar... and then come the revelation that when this occurred Romney had not been there and in fact had been gone for two years and then it was found out that the guy in charge of that closure was in fact a Obama campaign bundler.

So they fired up Romney is a bully...That even though there was no corroborating evidence of the fact, however supposedly while in high school he bullied someone by cutting their hair...and then the revelation the Obama had in fact bullied a obese girl while high school. Let see.. Romney cuts some guys hair... Obama bully's a girl.

Now the Campaign has floated that Romney is not for the "little" guy he only wants to help his rich friends and he wants to crush the Middle Class.. and then comes Anna Wintour holding a Campaign fund raiser for the Obama Campaign for a "New York Nights" outing for those very same "Rich" evil Corporate types. Oh and by the way Miz Wintour who is a Campaign spokesperson also happens to be the real life person that the movie "The Devil wears Pravda" was written about. You know the Rich evil Corporate CEO that had her "minions" walking her dog, washing her car, cleaning her apartment etc... all paying them below current pay scales and if you dared complain she fired you. She is the epitome of "evil" big Corporation CEO the Obama campaigns against almost daily.

So why has the Campaign become so inept? Well one way to look at it is.. If you tell a lie often enough you begin to believe it. They have lied to themselves so much that they actually believe their own propaganda. They believe. They believe that they, if not ordained by God, at least by destiny to rule at this time, at this place. That this is their moment to create their version of utopia.

That Socialism, Communism, Marxism, call it what you want, just wasn't done right and that they can do it better. Although it has never worked before they believe it will now.

....and what was that definition of Insanity again?

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