Folders for Each City?

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Should we have folders for each city or area, like a PTC folder, Fayetteville, Tyrone, South Fulton?

Might make it easier to sort content....

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Virgil Fludd

Fludd's comments make a lot of sense. In these difficult economic times we need to do everything possible to preserve the services and life style that we have come to enjoy. A small additional income tax on high income individuals and families is reasonable. They are the ones with the ability to pay a little more.

Who wants to see the tuition to Georgia's colleges increase so much that more and more of our young people our shut out of college? Who wants to see our the number of school days for our children reduced below 180? Who wants to see our highways and transit needs ignored? Who wants to see the healthcare of Georgia citizens cut back?

The NO Tax never never never people ignore the consequences of their position

We need to be willing to sacrifice a little in these difficult times.

The goal should be to solve problems. Not simply to hold to the religion of no tax ever.

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Virgil Fludd's comments make sense only if you...

believe that money grows on trees.

The reason why the state is having difficult times is that revenue streams have fallen because the economy has contracted. This contraction has reduce this revenue stream by over $5 Billion. So yes, the liberals can tax more to make up the difference but the consequence is that this money is no longer in the economy and therefore is not available to purchase goods which in-turn puts people back to work.

BTW, the extra money collected from increasing taxes on those that have "high incomes" doesn't even minutely come close to make up the difference. It's just a feel good con game.

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