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Are people who don’t live or vote in Fayette County trying to elect the Fayette State Court Judge with huge donations?

There are two candidates for Fayette State Judge, the appointed incumbent Carla McMillian and Stephen Ott. Although not user friendly, the State Office that records election donations are clear on the following donations as of March 31, 2012.

Total Donations $61,140
Donation from Fayette Citizens $ 500
Donations from people outside of Fayette $60,640

Total Donations $ 7,234
Donations from Fayette Citizens $ 6,934
Donation from people outside Fayette $ 300

What’s going on? Why is Judge Carla McMillian receiving almost all of her money from outsiders? Who are these outsiders and why are they trying to buy the Judge’s Office?

The records are incomplete. The only outsiders name listed lives in North Carolina donating $1,000. It is common knowledge that Judge Carla McMillian is receiving money from an Atlanta Law Firm, but how much we don’t know.

One thing we do know is that money buys elections. And Judge McMillian is spending money every day on the Citizens News ads.
Stephen Ott’s donors are clearly listed and he receives 96% of his donations from Fayette citizens while Judge McMillian has received 99% from outsiders, only 1% of Fayette residents support her.

Fayette State Court is not a statewide office. It’s only for Fayette County. However, outside lawyers practice in Fayette Courts. Are they or others seeking favors?

Stephen Ott did not approve this blog and knows nothing about it.

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