Teacher yells at student because of a question he asked about Obama!

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S. Lindsey
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When the teacher gives her "fact of the day" which was about Romney being a bully in high school a student dared to ask her about Obama's act of bullying while he was in high school.

Listen to the teacher absolutely lose it and threaten the student with possible arrest for "talking" badly about Obama. She goes on and says the First Amendment does not apply in her classroom.


Want to know what is the problem with America? Well there it is.

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S. Lindsey - Teacher

And to think she's not the only one.

S. Lindsey
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Between the Mantras, chants and songs teachers are deep

into the indoctrination of the next generation making sure their minds stay full of mush.

O-BA-MA let's say it again... O-BA-MA...O-BA-MA...O-BA-MA

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not all teachers are like that

I cant stand the man. But i do my best to encourage my students to think for themselves as much as possible. I admit, teachers are usually pretty bad about that kind of thing, but moreso in other states and no as much here in my opinion. That is beacuse we really dont have unions to speak of in Ga, whereas other states generaly have very strong teachers unions and Obummer is nothing if not exceptional at spreading money around to cronies and unions.
Plus, this woman is an idiot. There is obviously no law that makes it a crime to criticize the president. I doubt she was this upset when people were calling Bush a nazi and a war criminal. And, maybe im the only one here, but to me it sounds like her rant was motivated just as much by race as by politics.

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Renault & Teachers

I think you about nailed it with your omment.

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It's great to fight for

It's great to fight for principles but I think we tend to take these things too far. The student dared to express an opinion, we should all be more open to discussions instead of contradictions. I work in a clinic, I've been a student and I know how challenging it can be to defy your own teacher.

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