Judicial system numb to Pilot adultery and abuse. Come forward and help stop it!

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The incidence of adultery and abuse among commercial pilots in this area is rising at an alarming rate. There have been 4 seperate cases on one street alone recently. The judicial system has come to expect adultery as the reason for divorce as soon as it it's filed and has become numb to the devastation it brings to the stay at home mom and the kids involved. The pilot flies off in the sunset with the mistress without even looking back. In many cases the pilot is not even paying for normal acitivities and nothing once the child turns 18 such as college which was always in the plan before the marriage ended. The pilots are joining together to help each other to make sure this continues and the judicial system is supporting them.

Stay at home mothers are being penalized for "Not Working" during the marriage and are being told to go out and find a job and support your kids and yourself after selflessly giving everything they had to their family for years. They had the hardest job in the world, raising kids with a husband who flies in and out of their lives. These women are being awarded next to nothing in court for the years of duty to their husband and family and are expected to fnd a job in this economy that would pay for college for their kids, cover their living expenses, provide health insurance and fund her retirement. But in reality these women are now living in poverty and their children will not go to college unless they qualify for a scholarship.

A local writer is gathering information to expose the man behind the pilot uniform and needs ex wives of these pilots to come forward and share their story. The similarities among some of the cases so far and the traits of the pilots are raising important questions as to possible safety issues of flying today.

Before you buckle your seatbelt and prepare for take off, don't you have a right to know if your pilot uses a special FAA doctor to conceal health concerns that may have his license pulled?

Please visit www.endadultery.com and fill out the form on the Book Research Page if you have any information.

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