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Chief Judge Wm. F. Lee of the Coweta Judicial Circuit was forced to resign for ethics violation. Ref. Ajc B-1 (4-27-12). Judge Lee, who has been on the bench for 37 years, was being investigated by the Judicial Qualifications Commission for engaging in improper communication with lawyers, entering orders without notifying all parties and assigning himself cases when he was otherwise disqualified.
The Judge agreed to resign, with full pension benefits in exchange for the Commission dropping all charges. However, it’s taken 30 years of complaints to get the Commission to investigate. That’s at least 9 Georgia Judges removed in less than two years, and 4 (44%) came from Fayette and Coweta Counties.
Given that it takes years of complaints to remove a bad judge, the only quick sure way is for the voters to stop re-electing them. Sadly, the voters pay little attention to their judges, except the ones who get screwed in court. But often judges have no opposition to run against them. That’s because judges form powerful political associates within the government that honest candidates cannot overcome.
Fayette State Court Carla Wong McMIllian is one those, having been politically appointed by a selection committee through the Governor’s office. There were other good candidates that applied for the appointment but their names were just for show.
Judge Carla Wong McMillian is up for her first election in July 2012. Unless the voters start paying attention, she’ll be there for life and that will be a shame on justice. Judge Wong-McMillian came in like a house on fire, bullying and making numerous ethical and legal violations. Already in 17 months on the bench, there have been two formal ethical complaints filed against her. But the voters are not told because any complainant must sign agreeing to keep their complaint confidential (secret).
Fortunately, Carla has opposition who is not politically in the fold. This candidate is taking a grass roots approach talking to individual citizens and getting their feedback. I remember how Superior Court Judge Edwards was able to overcome the politics with his grass roots approach. For weeks and weeks I saw him almost everyday standing alone on Hwy 74 with his sign and waving at citizens as they drove.
Please voters learn who is running against Judge McMillian and be able to 1st know your candidates and 2nd actually vote.

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