Terrorist Group says ABC, CBS, NBC and MSNBC gets it right.. Fox News need to die..

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S. Lindsey
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Well if ever you needed a more poignant example of Media bias this one would serve well.

Al-Qaida in memos and notes released from the trove of information after the Seals ended the life of Osama, said that
American News Media is unbiased with the exception of Fox News who is "in the Abyss" and needs to "die in anger".

They especially liked Keith Olbermann of MSNBC who's vitriolic rhetoric is well known among his Right leaning victims and was
upset that he was fired from CNN and switched their opinion afterward...

If I had a Terrorist group as part of my fan base I might want to reconsider where I stand, but somehow I doubt the MSM or Olbermann will do so.