First Voter intimidation..Now Donor intimidation. Is there anything this Administration will not do to keep power?

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S. Lindsey
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Politics is a dirty business of that there can be no argument. Sometimes however it's dirtier then it should be.

Nixon had a Enemy's List and since then no one has, publicly at least, admitted they had one. Now comes Obama who during a
Campaign event that wasn't a Campaign event singles out Rep. Virginia Foxx R - N.C by telling students to google her telling them
that she does not care about student debt. A public outing like this using the bully pulpit of the President is something Hugo Chevez is famous
for doing.

Now the Obama Campaign has released a partial donor list for Romney hinting that these "possible criminals" hate America because they
didn't contribute to Obama. The Campaign also released the names, addresses, business associates and other "private" information of these donors
in an obvious attempt to intimidate other potential donors to Romney, saying if you do you will be exposed as well.

Vocal supporters of the GOP are being attacked also. Ted Nugent in a NRA event made some comments that no one could possibly construe as
a threat however the Secret Service had to open an investigation and Ted was arrested for a Hunt he participated in Alaska on a law that even the State
had no knowledge of and refused to prosecute Ted for. Yet the Federal Government decided to do so even though NO FEDERAL Law was broken.

Just what would Obama do if he had 4 more years without fear of having to fight for reelection?

Hopefully we won't find out.

S. Lindsey
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Obama's enemies list seems to be working

One of the Businessmen targeted by the Obama Campaign and the Wall Street Journal has said he has lost hundreds of Customers since the attacks and smear campaign has started.

In fact Democrat operatives are now combing through his personal life, as well as, business trying to dig up more dirt.

Is this the type of Government we want? If you disagree the Government uses it's power to crush you?

Do we live in America?

“This used to be America,” argued a protester outside a health-care town hall meeting in Reston, Va., after a security officer threatened him with arrest for holding up a sign with a picture critical of Barack Obama.

“It ain’t no more, OK?”


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The Thugocracy of the Obama administration

Too bad that the pathetic hoodlum-thug Obam is in the White House. No one that opposes him is safe. They will tag you as a racist and anti-American and then come after you like the thugs that they are.

This is what happens when you have let a Chicago thug into the White House.
Oh yeah - he's 'fundamentally tranforming' America alright - into a dictatorship run by a thug.

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