A preview of the Fall Election? Tax the Rich wins.

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France's President Nicolas Sarkozy is in trouble. His re-election bid is mired deep in in the Economic troubles of France.
His failure to win re-election would break a 30 year streak in France.

His opponent Socialist rival Francois Hollande promises a chicken in every pot and a pot in every kitchen.

Actually it is a Tax the Rich and everything will be ok platform.

"Hollande, 57, promises less drastic spending cuts than Sarkozy and wants higher taxes on the wealthy to fund state-aided job creation, in particular a 75 percent upper tax rate on income above 1 million euros ($1.32 million)."

Much like America France doesn't have enough "Rich" to even make a dent in their deficits but yet the people in France who are used to Government giving them everything from Housing, Jobs to Healthcare want more. There isn't enough production to supply their "wants" not needs so any productive member of their society must be made to subsidize their lifestyle.

We are hearing the same thing in America. Tax the Rich fix everything mantra is coming from the President almost daily now.

Our debt is spiraling out of control.. with no end in sight and yet we have our own people with "wants" and not needs with their hand out ready for more largess from the bloated Leviathan that is our Government and like France we are also going after the successful in our society.

Why? Well because they dared to dream bigger then a 9-5 workday and a 40 hr work week.

I guess soon like France we will have an entitlement class that feels working 40 hours is just too much to ask and 4 weeks of vacation is just not enough and whomever promises to give them more "stuff" will be the victor in our Elections.

Never mind they are already... http://climateandcapitalism.com/2009/05/31/whats-wrong-with-a-30-hour-wo...

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