Interpol maybe has a Warrant for you. Obama gives them Diplomatic Immunity.

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I know here lately I have been sounding more like a cheap fiction novella writer about the everyday actions of the Obama Administration.

There's Solyndra, Solar First and many others... There's Gungate(Fast and Furious), Intimigate(New Black Panthers), gasgate, Mommygate(Moms don't work), Partygate(GSA)
and now comes the newest "issue" maybe a "gate" on it's on.

Paul Ryan said today the State Department at the behest of Hillary Clinton released $2 Billion dollars in Aid to Egypt even though they are holding 19 American NGO aid workers for
various offences including sedition which holds a penalty of death by BE-HEADING.

The Muslim Brotherhood has refused to release these "criminals" or even charge them specifically but yet the State Department rewards the Government (sic) of Egypt with a
$2 Billion dollar aid package. The Administration has so far REFUSED to get involved and in fact may have actually encouraged the action. Obama added an amendment to Executive Order 12425 specifically changing 42 U.S.C. § 1983 which restricted other Governmental agencies to the limits of OUR Constitution. This Executive Order amendment specifically gives Interpol Diplomatic Immunity which now the Muslim Brotherhood has issued Warrants against "other" Americans and wants Interpol to arrest and then return them back to Egypt for prosecution.

Oh what charges do they want these Americans charged with? Why of course seditious acts against the Egyptian Government and just what are those acts? Anything including Communications considered libelous against the Brotherhood.

So be careful what you post. If the Brotherhood doesn't like it...Interpol just might be kicking down your door next.

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