Tips for finding good cell phones for hearing aids

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• Try before you buy.

• Look for cell phone with a rating of M4/T4 and Blue Tooth Compatible, if you are going to use Blue Tooth accessories (

• Try cellphones from company owned stores as opposed to big box stores as they are required by the FCC to let you try them before you take them home. The ratings M4/T4 or whichever ratings are listed on the box.

• Look for cell phone that has CDMA operating system. Usually these systems have less interference.

• A flip phone gets the interference further away from the hearing aid versus the candy-bar style.

• Cell phones with big screens (iPhone) have more potential for interference (except Jitterbug-one of the best)

• Metallic casings cause more interference than plastic case cell phones

• Smaller the phone the more interference, so don’t get a miniaturized cell phone.

• Jitterbug is also Blue Tooth compatible

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