NAACP through with Fayette for now.. Goes to UN to stop ID laws

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S. Lindsey
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Like they've done in the past, the NAACP has argued before a United Nations panel that laws
passed in some states that require voters to show identification suppress the votes of minorities.

So why is it you have to have ID for well everything, but "minorities" just don't seem able to get one? At least that's the argument the NAACP
is using in front of the "Human Rights" counsel. You know that Counsel that let China on it as a member? Do I need to remind anyone
of China's record on that subject?

One of the interesting factoids in all this is the fact that one of the "oppressed" minorities home Country REQUIRES ID to vote. That's right Mexico
requires you have their State issued and State required ID before you can vote.....Sooooooo what's the problem.

OK we all know what the real issue is.... How many homeless, dead relatives and "undocumented" people can they get to the polls and actually have them vote?

The very heart of our system is to have Free and Open elections. Maintaining public confidence is key. We must have integrity in our elections. Voter ID
helps people with that. True it may only be an illusion but illusions is sometime all we have.