Another meaningless witch hunt by Democrats

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Joe Kawfi
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So, what is the democrat plan to reduce the price of oil? Why go after the "speculators" of course! Since they can't produce any meaningful plans, they know that they can at least get their "base" all riled up because they know that they are too stupid to figure out that it is completely meaningless. Democrats prey on the weak-minded.

Dems Want To Probe Oil Speculators – Again

Mr. Obama ordered Eric Holder to investigate so-called ‘oil-price fraud’ way, way back in April 2011. And, as the Politico notes, that task force "fizzled out" because they could not find any fraud. Which has been the outcome of every one of these Democrat witch hunts over the last four decades.

S. Lindsey
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Let Barney Franks do the probing

I am sure he is for it...

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