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The Shadow
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Stephen Ott will run against Carla Wong McMillian for Fayette State Judge in July. This is a very clear choice between the incumbent liberal Wong McMillian and the proven conservative Mr. Ott. Wong McMillian has never been elected by the voters, having been appointed in late 2010 by the Governor’s office to fill the vacancy. Stephen Ott has been Peachtree City’s Judge for the past 8 years.

I didn’t personally know Mr. Ott but I’m all too familiar with Carla . So I called Stephen recently and questioned him for nearly an hour. I found him to have the characteristics and integrity, fairness, justice, patience and experience to make a kind of judge anyone would feel comfortable with in Court, whether Plaintiffs or Defendants. I found the character of Stephen Ott to be in stark contrast to Carla Wong McMillian.

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Mr. Ott has been rejected

Mr. Ott has been rejected at the polls by the voters several times for several positions. He has not shown any real appeal. I would questions one call with a candidate as a basis to determine, wow, they should be voted for. It sounds like you got a DUI or something and Judge McMillian had to punish you.

Robert W. Morgan
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Concerned about Judge Ott

Anybody who would spend almost an hour of his busy workday discussing anything with someone named The Shadow is very troubling to me.

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LOL- the only thing Ott could win

LOL- the only thing Ott could win is a pie eating contest.

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Robert you are funny!

I have had no good luck with ...any...of Fayette judges. In my limited experience with them (which was too much to suit me),

1. The one that was on survivor? the one they called Pappy? Before they changed the law, it use to be that when a child turned 14 in Ga, the child could chose which parent to live with, no matter how big a nut case they were. My ex, who never paid child support, sang the siren's song to my child who had always wished for the father they never had. My ex was nutty as an out house rat from PDS caused by Viet Nam. I got a lawyer n fought him, but Pappy wouldn't listen to the fact this man was really messed up. Instead of doing the right thing for the child, he gave him to my ex only because he was a Viet Nam Vet. IN FRONT OF ME AND MY LAWYER HE YELLED "Mr X, please don't leave the court room without me shaking your hand! As one Vet to another!" Me, nor my child got no justice. Pappy was an idiot. Within a year I got my child back because my ex found out he couldn't get child support from me (he owed me for years) and the out of state courts were (who were far more intelligent) about to do something as he didn't make the child go to school and he was failing. Nice call Pappy. It took me many years to help that child overcome that experience. Pappy had seen a zillion like this before, but for ego and vanity of being a Vet, gave my child to someone he knew would mess with them.

2. Dog court. I will never ever have another Lab. They are very smart and fences, shock collars, electric fences, etc...are a joke to them. I have paid some big tickets only to read about Horgan getting special treatment and no fines. Was in court at the same time but got different treatment. Tyrone, where I live is no better. In the minutes, one of the town council, Ken Matthews, had it put in the great the police found his dog out and baby sat it. WOW It is disgusting.

For both of the above, I never got fair, or even equal treatment. Both were a travesty.

There is 'justice' for all of us...then 'justice' for those connected!

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Sunny Perdue & Liberals

I know the wool could be pulled over his eyes as evidenced by his GO Fish intiative, but I had no idea he would appoint a godless liberal to a bench. I have sat thru Judge Ott's muni court and can't say I'm seen a great legal mind at work. Talk about liberal, he bends over backwards to the aliens w/ that long boring film at the beginning of court.

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