Florida GOP Primary

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S. Lindsey
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Well that's the rub isn't?

The poll used likely voters... so by definition that does excludes a lot on your side of the book. Also must have been a lot of retired folk answering that poll since Conservatives tend to be the producers so generally speaking we are at work when these calls come through. So who knows DM it could just be progressives pretending to be Republicans.

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Santorum skyrockets

Santorum probably ended any realistic chance that Newt might have had to rally the troops against Romney. Now it seems to be Santorum's turn to be anybody but Mitt. Santorum's surge threatens Mitt's "inevitability" message and now Mitt is going to turn his multi-million dollar media attack machine against Santorum. Georgia is the biggest March 6th Super Tuesday prize. We'll probably be at the forefront of the media blitz aimed at destroying Santorum.

Over at Red State, Eric is praying for the race to go to a brokered convention. I understand the despair, but who does he think is going to be in a position to broker anything except Romney? A brokered convention isn't going to change anything.

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I knew that endorsement by The Donald was going to help Romney. Not

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Foster Freiss pumps life into Rick Santorum

presidential campaign. It’s alive! Hope swells in the chest of social conservatives everywhere. The juggernaut known as the Romney PAC prepares to destroy the latest upstart.

Meanwhile Newt Getrich sweats moon rocks and ponders, “Is it too late for a historical lobbyist to get his groove back, do chickens have lips, do snakes have hips, could an electro magnetic pulse stop Romney Pac?”

Stay tuned for coming attractions.