Gallery-Honor Flight Fayette's last trip to Washington, D.C.

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My Dad

Died several years ago, he was a veteran of the war in the South Pacific and never talked about it much; when we were clearing the house after his death we found a large envelope of metals that he had been awarded. He never said a word about these, not one. I can’t think of the words in those documents without shedding a tear. He stayed in the South Pacific from just after Pearl Harbor until his ship (one of the first) sailed into Tokyo Bay only coming home occasionally to see his family. They would not let him off the ship to go ashore in Tokyo because of the loss of his brother in April. He watched from afar from his ship as they signed the declaration to end the war in August.

My uncle, my dad’s youngest brother, was on a mine sweeper clearing the waters off Omaha Beach on June 6, 1944 and later he lost his life off Okinawa by Kamikaze on April 6, 1945 just a few months before the war ended. I never met him as I was born in 1946.

I can't thank these volunteers enough for the great work that they have done for America's GREATEST generation.

God bless them and the WWII Veterans we all honor.

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Thank You Citizen Newspaper!!

Many thanks to The Citizen, and staff (especially John Munford) for the support and coverage of all seven flights. Indeed, Honor Flight has served as a belated THANK YOU for the hundreds of WWII Veterans who were able to visit their Memorial. The Citizen enabled THOUSANDS more, who were unable to visit in person, to see the deep gratitude of their service from the greater Fayette County community! Many thanks to you all!

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They did a good thing. Good newspaper coverage.

Now, would it be possible for this same group to get busy and help our victims of our nine year war (so far).

Treatment of so many is lacking and poor (some do get what they need, but many others, no).
The brain-rattled, from our own and Saddam's hardware they captured and made bombs from, are especially being ignored. Just as Agent orange was from Viet-Nam, and uranium was from Iraq's two wars!

I think maybe some bail-outs are needed here and stop giving to corporations so much!

Also, a needed rejuvenation of our Reserve Command and of the National Guard, where they and their families have been destroyed, better get started!
I wouldn't join either right now. Just because they volunteered is a reason to help them, not help them more just because they could have been drafted.

Wouldn't hurt Newspapers to investigate this situation more and maybe not so many give us credit pictures!

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