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Illness or fewer calories.... all that work, and even that is usually temporary. Anyone know Robin or Sherri? How long have they been thin?

More money has been made by selling various diet plans than has been spent on all wars!
Oprah Winfrey (currently over 200 pounds) has alone made untold multi-millions promoting such plans and books. She wore tight jeans for a month or two.
Even currently she is pushing various plans.
Reminds me of the old-fashioned revivals in fundamentalist churches--they "saved" the same people every few months over and over with hype.

Personally, I think it is simply a method, for especially women, to satisfy their curiosity by attending such classes or buying books. They really know better. No one will eat frozen plastic food in minuscule quantities very long.

One can eat whatever one wants providing the calories are at first less than one needs, and then after weight loss, only what one needs.
Of course if you eat only ice cream in the correct portions, you will lose the weight, but have diabetes!

Several laboratory type surveys have been made and the findings over and over show only 2% keep the weight off 1-2 years!
Maybe a 2% chance is all some want.

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you look sick to me.

you look sick to me.

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