Mario Cuomo – the rhetoric vs. the record

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How precious in the sight of progressives was one of their saints, Mario Cuomo, the three-term governor of New York who died last week at age 82. He was a model of progressivism and a gifted rhetorician.

In most media accounts, references were made to two speeches Cuomo delivered in 1984, one at the Democratic National Convention in San Francisco where Walter Mondale was nominated for president, and the other at the University of Notre Dame where Cuomo spoke about abortion and the “proper” role of religion in politics. Read More»

Everything works out if you let it

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A friend of mine, long embroiled in upsets, distractions, problems and tribulations, called one day to announce happily that she was learning to “let things roll right off my back.”

“Really?” I asked. “And, how is that?”

She explained that her accountant had called to discuss a tax return, due that day after a couple of extensions and told her that she owed $15,000.

There was a silent pause, then she asked, “How can that be? We spent more money than we made last year.” I like that logic. If you spent it and don’t have, how can you pay it? Read More»

Let’s all thank cops on their day, Jan. 9

In light of the recent negativity directed by a few misguided people toward law enforcement nationally, there is an urgent need to show our nation’s law enforcement officers that the vast majority of our citizens appreciate their sacrifices and recognize the difficult and often impossible career they have chosen in public service to us all.

With this in mind, numerous law enforcement associations throughout the United States have joined forces in declaring this Friday, Jan. 9, 2015 as “National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day.” Read More»

Haddix: Changed annexation rules lead to conflict of interest

It is a new year with a new along with an old issue heating up. In this letter to the editor the new annexation ordinance will be covered. The old issue, which ties into this letter, will be updated in the next letter. More on both these issues can be found on donhaddix.com.

In October Peachtree City Council members asked the annexation ordinance be amended to allow the City Council, Planning Commission and/or city staff to file annexation requests on behalf of a property owner. In December it passed without inclusion of city staff. Read More»

Ross: Fayette Vision not a one-man show

We’d like to amplify/clarify a few points in The Citizen newspaper’s Dec. 31, 2014 article, “Fayette Vision goal: Attract Millennials, emulate TN county.”

Several years ago, key members of a former planning effort, Fayette ‘93, realized the need for updating that successful program; their foresight and initiative combined with broad input from hundreds of local residents, a consulting partner, and 40-member Steering Committee, brought the Fayette Visioning Initiative (FVI) to where it is today. Read More»

Good job, Fayette!

Congratulations, citizens of Fayette County! You have given yourself the greatest Christmas gifts of all.

Because of your devotion to the community and your willingness to fund it, our county ranks as the healthiest place to live in Georgia. Our municipalities are ranked in the top of the safest places to live. Read More»

Attending funerals

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I sure have been to a lot of funerals lately. I guess when you become older than dirt, that happens.

One funeral was conducted by a preacher who loved to sing. Not only did he lead the congregation in song, but when he followed the deceased up the aisle, he was belting out a song with all he had. And yes, he was good at it.

At another funeral, the deceased for decades had always sat in the same seat. If you’re a church-goer, you know that the faithful will always sit in the same spot, and woe be to those who dare to occupy that spot. Read More»

I feel small

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Well, here it is again — that old familiar feeling. Just when I think I’m big and important in the world, I suddenly realize just the opposite is true. Now, this may not be the most positive way to start the New Year, but at least it’s honest.

Did I have this revelation in our little sleepy, but zombie-infested, hometown of Senoia, Ga.? Nope, this time The Wife and me, we had to travel all the way to Europe. Read More»

Santa rides a motorcycle

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One of the wonderful aspects of the Christmas season, which has just passed into history, is the flood of people and organizations who give generously, often to needy families and children.

There are the more famous efforts — Salvation Army, Toys for Tots — and others less well known contributors to happiness, including fire departments, police departments, and many churches.

One of the least known groups who almost always are quietly raising money and giving gifts are motorcycle clubs. Read More»

There’s good news tonight!

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On this last day of 2014, I’m reminded of the opening line of Mutual Network broadcaster Gabriel Heatter in his nightly radio newscasts from the 1940s and early ’50s: “There’s good news tonight!”

A few minutes later, by dialing the Crosley radio console to a clear-channel CBS station, one could hear Lowell Thomas in his dulcet baritone at the end of his newscast sign off cheerily with, “So long until tomorrow!” Read More»