Cap and trade and Christmases past

One facet of American culture that so many of us enjoy is the reminiscing of past Christmases and the holiday traditions of former generations. In the wake of the global warming frenzy and the sought after totalitarian regulation that liberals are demanding from Washington to flush out any behavior deemed environmentally unfriendly, I began to envision the questions I will get from my grandchildren decades from now around the Christmas holiday. It will probably go something like this:

“Tell us again how Christmas used to be, Grandpa.” Read More»

America is starving for moral leadership as Greatest Depression looms

Having studied both sides of the political spectrum since our President’s inauguration, I must admit that each possesses insight as well as outright stupidity.

But for this purpose of this muse, let’s project ourselves out some two and one-half years to the summer of 2012 while presupposing that our federal government maintains its elitist character. Read More»

High crimes, treason: Constitution under attack by its sworn protecters

It is said that history repeats itself, and it often does so because good men stand by idly as if bound and gagged or as if spectators to a sport they have no control over.

We might ask ourselves why an affluent people persist in the belief that their obligations of good citizenship end at the ballot box. We believe in our elected representatives. We believe they have our best interests at heart. So we grow fat, complacent and apathetic while fiddling our way down the path to national ruin. Read More»

Gilmer’s solutions ‘common sense’

Having just finished reading Bill Gilmer’s letter (The Citizen, Dec. 16, 2009), I feel a sense of rescue is near. I can hear the bugler calling as the cavalry is approaching to save us.

I agree whole-heartedly, my friend, with every point you mentioned. Maybe everyone won’t take these views, but I have to believe that many good American citizens agree with you totally.

The big question is, “How can we take our country back? And before it is too late?” I wish I had the answers. Read More»

Why we went to Washington, D.C.

Why some of us went to Washington, D.C., recently, myself and my wife included, is because our very existence as a nation is at stake.

Our federal government has run over our Constitution with out of control spending and takeover. Most of what the Congress does is unconstitutional.

The only thing that those elected officials in Washington fear is the voice of the American people. In person!

That is why we took our time and money to leave our comfortable living room and join the recent rally in Washington to protest the virtual takeover of one-sixth of the nation’s economy. Read More»

The little grinches who stole lights

This goes out the the person(s) who felt it was within their right to walk up on my lawn and destroy my holiday decorations: Thank you for ruining my family’s wonderful holiday tradition and for causing my children to be in tears because you had to vandalize some of their favorite decorations. Read More»

Merry Christmas, 2009, ‘to all people’

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Americans have celebrated 232 Christmases since we declared our independence from Great Britain, 219 since our federal government was implemented under the new Constitution.

As a nation, we have celebrated in war and in peace, during times of prosperity and during times of great need, in years of hope and in years of despair. The nation has endured, and so has Christmas.

If the official celebration of the birth of the Christ Child did not begin until 300 years later, there was an original celebration, and they got it right. Read More»

Healthcare bill will cripple Georgia’s budget

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We were met this weekend with the disturbing news that U.S. Senator Ben Nelson (D-Nebraska) had finally agreed to vote yes for the Democrats’ healthcare bill, providing the crucial 60th vote and assuring passage of the measure in the Senate.

Upon passage, the House and Senate will appoint negotiators to a joint House-Senate conference committee, which will resolve the differences between the House and Senate versions of the bill and send a final product back to both chambers for final approval — only then does the bill go to the President. Read More»

Do Christmas all year

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I do not have the traditional Christian view of Christmas. Ever since my youngest days, I have looked upon Christmas as being a sort of rah-rah session for the faith, a substitute for having to pay attention on the other 364 days, replete with colored lights and pictures with Santa Claus. Read More»

The perfect gift this Christmas

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Most people who haven’t finished (or even begun) their shopping are starting to worry about what gifts to give a friend, relative or spouse. Quick, what did you give or receive last year? How about two years ago? Most of us can’t remember, unless it was a big-ticket item.

What if you could give a gift that mattered; one that literally kept on giving and improved the life of another person? Would you buy that gift? Read More»

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